Our story

What started as a love and passion for crystals, their beauty and healing properties, turned into a dream of wanting to showcase and provide those precious pieces to others.

I created my business during the pandemic of 2020, where I decided to take a leap of faith and turn my passions into our purpose. Honeybee's represent community, celebration, good luck, a feeling of togetherness, sunshine and brightness. I continue the legacy of our 'honeybee' (daughter) through Honeybee Crystals, knowing I am living out her dreams alongside mine.

Every piece in our store has a story, whether it’s the shape of the crystal, the area of the world it came from, who mined it or what the healing properties associated may be. I love choosing these pieces for you, having each one as unique as the next, knowing they will help contribute to a lighter, brighter feeling world for you, which has always been our mission.

If there is ever a specific piece you are searching for, or something you feel we should stock, please contact us. We are a small online only business located in South-East, Australia, but are always happy to send you photos and videos of any items you are interested in.