Where do you ship from?

We ship all of our products lovingly from our home studio in South- East Queensland. 

Are your products ethical and sustainable?

Absolutely. Every single product has its own story and properties, which we find through sustainable and ethical suppliers, that follow above standard practices to ensure only the best in product and procedure. 

Where is your White Sage products from? 

We are a proud distributor of Sage Dreaming white sage, who supply high quality, locally grown white sage within Australia. They use traditional methods, dating back many years, with all products being hand produced and packaged. The quality of the White Sage (Grandfather salvia apiana) makes for an intoxicatingly divine aroma and cleansing. 

How is your Palo Santo farmed?

Our Palo Santo comes from Peru, where traditional customs surrounding the harvesting of this sacred tree continues to this day as it is regulated with the same guidelines. Palo Santo trees are only harvested after they have naturally fallen and have been lying peacefully for between 4-10 years. With each tree harvested, a new seedling is planted to help continuously restore the Palo Santo population. 

How are pieces without individual listings chosen? 

All of our tumbles and roughs are chosen by using our intuition and energy. 
If there is a specific piece you have seen that catches your eye, and it isn't individually listed, after placing your order please message us on our social media so that we can help you find your perfect piece.

I'm looking for a specific crystal/ shape/ piece, can you find it for me?

If your searching for a specific item, please get in touch with us, as we will do our absolute best to find you the perfect piece you are wanting. This is also on a 'no commitment' base until we have found the perfect piece, so that you are 100% happy before purchasing.